3 Solutions to Collect Online Opinions

User’s opinion is critical to your website improvement. There are many solutions to collect user’s idea. This post introduce 3 opinion collection solutions.opinion

Contact Form

Nowadays, most website software have a build-in contact form module. You can use this free function to collect comments from all user. Just like the ITGeeg, you can also build a wordpress website and get the comments form.

The disadvantage is that you will receive many spam from robots. And it is not so easy to distinguish specific comments from all opinions. Surely, you can create a specific website only for the topic which you need online opinions.

Google Docs

You can build a free online form by Google Docs or sooner be the Google Drive. This solution let you collect opinions without building a website. It’s is free and secured. So this will be a great idea for those who are just collect opinions for start up business.

Paid online databases and web forms

Some of you may need to create seperate forms for specific topics. Except pay plenty money to hire an online survey company to get what you want, another idea is to build it yourself. You can try an online relational database. Build a small website and then deploy the database.

The online opinions will be easily managed. You will be allowed to category or tag opinions. You can import from anywhere and share with anybody.  A good example is MTH. It will give you a 2 weeks free trial.