Top 5 Best Gmail Apps in Chrome

The Gmail and Chrome are great products from Google. How about Gmail + Chrome? It will then be a powerful and convenient email client. Now let me tell you top 5 best Gmail extensions to make it easier to use Gmail in Google Chrome.

Google Mail Checker

Google mail checkerThe Google Mail Checker is developed by Google official. It will displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox on the right of address box in Chrome. You can also click the button to open your inbox. It is a easy way to know how many tasks you need to deal with. I have used it since I turn to Chrome and didn’t find any error of this gmail app.

Minimalist for Gmail

The┬áMinimalist for Gmail is also a great extension I have ever used. It let users customize the Gmail interface in Chrome browser. You can customize button colors, custom loading screen, hide Chat or Google advertise. It’s a great solution to avoid too much useless information show in the screen.
Gmail minimalist extension

Offline Google Mail

Gmail Offline is a Gmail app built to support offline access, allowing mail to be read, responded to, searched and archived. It should be a great idea if you can not access to the Internet when you are out of office or on a trip. It will auto sync email when you connect to the internet.
Offline Google Mail

4. Send from Gmail

After you installed this gmail app, clicking ‘mail to’ links online won’t be annoying. This extension let you skip the default mail program but send email from Gmail via web mail. Send from Gmail changes that behaviour to open a Gmail ‘Compose mail’ window in Chrome whenever you click an email link.

It also gives you a Gmail button next to the address bar, which you can click to open a new mail message wherever you are. You can configure the extension to support Google App for your domain.

Desktop notifications in Chrome

Actually, it’s not a Gmail app. But it’s a function supported by Gmail account in Chrome browser. Gmail desktop notifications let you know when you have a new email or Chat message with a pop-up when new messages arrive.