The Benefits of Playing Games Online

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Playing Games OnlineAs an avid reader of IT Geeg, chances are that you’re an avid fan of all things technology. But being so often means that you’re continually bombarded with comments from your nearest and dearest, such as “spending too long at your computer is bad for your health” or “playing those games will do you no good”.

But, believe it or not, spending time on your trusty gadgets playing your favourite games, does maintain some important benefits. So, although I know that you don’t exactly need a good excuse to play games online, but here’s a lowdown of the number of benefits that a good gaming session has – so you can prove all those who believe such comments wrong.

Boost Brain Power

One of the great things about playing games online is that a lot of them will help to boost your brain power. There are games designed to train your brain but even simple games that look like they are just for entertainment will help improve things like concentration, accuracy, coordination and reactions.

Stress Busters

It’s been shown that playing games in the workplace can help to reduce stress. Part of it is down to taking a break and being distracted from a stressful workload. But playing a game online can also help to dissipate any anger or stress you might be feeling over a colleague/boss/client.

Just taking this time out to focus on something unimportant, like a game, can give you time to calm down and revaluate your thoughts.


If you play games regularly then you are going to build up the skills needed for that sort of game. They might be really beneficial things such as hand-eye coordination or you might just get really good at FPS or simulation games.

There are plenty of tycoon games out there too that will teach you management and business skills. You might not know it at the time, of course, but all these forms of entertainment will teach you something.


If you are looking for something to do, visiting a casual gaming site will allow you to dip in and out of great games. You don’t have to be looking for something in particular; you can just enjoy playing all sorts of different games. You can have hours of fun with this.


If you play an MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Play Game) then you’ll be interacting with other players all the time. The same goes for you if you play Call of Duty, Quake or even Mario Kart Wii.

Even if you are a casual gamer who prefers to play web-based games, there are often chatrooms associated with each game. You can talk about any difficulties you might be having getting past a certain level or you could just make a few new friends.


If you are into a bit of casual gambling then you can sign up to a bingo or casino site. Some of these allow you to play for free in order to win money or you can deposit some of your own money to play with. The added excitement factor of money being involved makes these sorts of games all the more exciting.

You can play a classic game of bingo for just a few pence here or there. You might not want to get into the high-stakes games because, really, the thrill comes from the chance to win real money, rather than the amount you win.