Top 10 Hot Keywords Related to Android

Android is very new but widely known. While there are so many Apple fans, there are also many Android fans. Let go to see top 10 hottest searches related to Google Android.

1: Android Cell Phone

Android cell phone is used to describe cell phones using android system. Now, cell phone using android OS is very popular. Many cell phone manufactures used android on their smart phones. Representative companies are HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, Acer, and so on.

2: Android Market

Android Market is a online app store developed by Google. It’s very like Apple’s App Store. Android users can search and download softwares, games or other apps.

3: Root Permission

Root permission is a concept like administrator in Windows OS. Root account is a supper user who have the authority to do anything in Android. In oder to prevent changes from software, Android don’t open root permission to users. But sometimes, re-install Android OS for example, users should have the root permission.

4: Re-Install

Just a step to re-install a new OS. Or write a new ROM to device.

5: APK

APK is short for Android Package. It is a install package suitable for android OS. Transform the APK file to Android devices and double click it will run the set up process.

6: Desktop Widget

Use desktop widget makes using Android more convenient. Like widgets in Windows Vista or Windows 7.


Users can recover their data. When the Android OS damaged or hacked by virus, recovery becomes a important function.


In the recovery model, there is a wipe choice. Use this to clear all user settings and files in the Android OS. It’s very like recover to Factory OS.


ROM is a OS installing package. Write a ROM to your device means install a new Android OS to your gadgets.


A reason why Android becomes so popular is that its network function is very powerful. You can connect to the Internet anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t just rely on the GPRS, it also use a WIFI. Use Wi-Fi make it access to the Internet easily and effectively.