How to Use BlackBerry Theme Studio Create Themes

There are hundreds of BlackBerry themes for free online. Many BlackBerry users can find themes interested them. However, a self-created BlackBerry theme will guarantee  satisfaction and make your BlackBerry even more cool.  This post will tell you how to use BlackBerry Theme Studio build a customized themes for your own Blackberry.

It’s not a very hard process. You just need to now some simple skills. Few design sense is needed.  Now we are going to create cool themes.

First, lets go to know the tool: BlackBerry Theme Studio. After installed it to your PC, you will see two apps. One it Theme Builder and the other is Composer. After open BlackBerry Theme Builder, you will see this picture:

BlackBerry Theme Builder is the core application. You can do anything here. There are Preview Window, menus, list and Inspector Window. We suggest you build your BlackBerry theme in Inspector Window.

This is the Inspector Window:


BlackBerry Composer is a tool very like Adobe Photoshop. Use this tool you can do edit on pictures and videos.


Now, let’s go to the building process.

STEP 1: Determine your theme strategy.

Make sure what kind of pictures you will use in BlackBerry theme. Use Photoshop or BlackBerry Composer to create background picture and other pictures will used in the theme. I’ll show you the process by using this background picture as an example.


STEP 2: Import pictures to Theme Builder.

For example, assume we are going to use the picture below as background. We should do these:

1. Return to Theme Builder
2. Click the screen check  button.


3. Click the background button.
4. Add the picture. Theme Builder support JPEG, BMP,GIF, PNG and Photoshop pictures.


5. Add the new background to customized theme.

It’s the same to personalize Titles, Icons and Backgrounds. Drag the picture to Theme Builder and it will arrange it to proper place.

STEP 3: Import the customized theme to BlackBerry cell phone.


It’s now the time to see your works on your BlackBerry smart phone. Click ‘File’->’Export’. Select ‘Install to BlackBerry. Input Theme Name and BlackBerry Password. Use a USB cable connect BlackBerry to PC and then click ‘OK’.


STEP 6: BlackBerry Theme Studio pack your theme in order to use it on BlackBerry.

STEP 7: Confirm to use new BlackBerry theme.

On your BlackBerry device, you will be asked ‘Active’ new theme. Click ‘YES’ and you will be able to see the new theme


This is a manual book for BlackBerry Theme Studio V 5.0. You can free download it here. The latest Theme Studio 6.0 is now available here. I hadn’t download Theme Studio V6.0 before written this handbook. But I think most of functions should be the same between Theme Studio 6.0 and 5.0. You can try it out .