Research Shows Apple iPad Shares 82% U.S. Tablet PC Market

According to Nielsen’s report on April, Apple iPad still shares 82% U.S. tablet PC market. Within this data, 3G version shares 43% and iPad with wireless shares 39%.

Followed are Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak and Motorola Xoom.Their market shares are 4%, 3% and 2% which are far from Apple iPad’s.

The report shows another phenomenon that about half user own their private tablet PC but about 43% users share one tablet PC with others. 35% users announced that they haven’t used desktop PCs again. About 32% users use both but decreased depending on desktop PCs.

Another discovery was that female are more likely to choose iPad while male users prefer Android cell phones.

Nilsen also researched the reason why users want to choose tablet PCs. Its report shows that the major reason is the convenience of tablet PCs like iPad or Xoom. About 31% users think this is the key point let them purchase a tablet PC. Other reasons include easy to use, speedy on and off, small shape, less weight and usage in multiple locations.