JailbreakMe: Fix Verizon iPhone 4 Can’t Boot Problem

Comex released JailbreakMe fix package to solve the Verizon iPhone can’t boot problem. The Verizon iPhone will display a white apple when updated JailbreaMe before install this fix package.

If your jailbreak iPhone can not start up or display a white apple, you can try these two solutions.

1. Press Home button and Power button until you see “Connect to iTunes” on the screen. Then you can recover origin iOS with iTunes. This method will cause lose of data.

2. Use Redsn0w. You can try to use the redsn0w 0.9.6rc19:Windows/Mac.(Please don’t use the old version.) Please select the suitable version for your iPhone. www.itgeeg.com

How to install fix package:

Open the Redsn0w. Select the right IPSW for your device. Select “Install Custom bundle”. Then choose fix package. Install according to the suggest. If you can start your iPhone, it’s to say you have installed the JailbreakMe fix package successful.

There are some users feedback says that re-jailbreak will cause the iPhone can’t boot. This is often happen on Verizon iPhone.