no service on iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and 6 plus are the most popular phones in the world. However when I get my iPhone brand new 6, it always bother me with no service problem. If you also see No Service or Searching on your device, or can’t connect to a cellular network or cellular data, follow these steps: Toggle Airplane mode […]

iPhone 6 case golden

If you’ve just bought an iPhone 6, it’s worthy investing in a back case to protect it from bumps and scratches. Some of you may not want to take a case to make your iPhone lose identification. Surely, we want to let people know we are using iPhone when we bought it. So, today, I’d […]


Start from last week, rumors about Apple’s next generation iPhone has been published on the internet. One source has reported that the iPhone 7 will adopt new casing material. Also the according to the source, the iPhone 7 will have a strengthened, waterproof and dust-proof frame. This strengthened body would certainly bolster the weak points. It will allows […]

iPhone 6s

The most annoy bug to a mobile system should be randomly shut off. Even iPhones are amazing devices, every model has some bugs. And the newest released iPhone 6s seems to have the the same issue found in previous models. In apple support communities and social media, some of iPhone 6s users say their iPhone 6s […]

With an Apple event scheduled today (September 9th), we all are expecting to see the latest range of iPhones with a bunch of new features and upgrades. Just like last year, the company is speculated to launch two new smartphones with different screen-sizes – the heavily rumored iPhone 6s and its big-screened variant iPhone 6s […]

This year, we’ve have already seen a massive selection of power-packed and impressive smartphones. From the likes of Galaxy S6 to LG G4, the product range in high-end market is getting better than ever. But, if you’re planning on buying a perfect phone which offers all essential features inside one package, you will have to […]

Now that it’s out, the latest iPhone 5 sales has without a doubt made its mark globally – 9 million units sold and counting. In turn, an unprecedented following of hungry buyers mushroomed, coming out from just about every conceivable nook and cranny not unlike those ‘walking deads’ in the TV series. With all the […]

The year 2012 has been flooding the market with smartphones and the most awaited one was iPhone 5, though the Samsung Galaxy S III doesn’t come much behind. Let’s have a look at the most exciting handsets of the year and see how they compare when it comes to apply for one of these contract […]

EX Player HD is a pretty great iPad app by Zhigang Chen, which is easy to navigate streams, well supported most audio/video formats from your NAS server/Windows sharing file server/FTP server/UPnP(DLNA)Media server/WebDAV server/CloudMe. How It Works: Comparing to other video players this app has advanced technology of sharing or transferring the files from any kind […]

Yesterday, Chpwn announced on his twitter that he had jailbroken iPhone5. Though we couldn’t get the solution now, this is a good news for those who want to jailbreak iPhone5.  Since Chpwn has successfully ran Cydia on iPhone5, we are expected to get it soon for our iPhone5. There are website showed Cydia running on […]