Why Get the iPhone 5 Upgrade?

iPhone 5Now that it’s out, the latest iPhone 5 sales has without a doubt made its mark globally – 9 million units sold and counting. In turn, an unprecedented following of hungry buyers mushroomed, coming out from just about every conceivable nook and cranny not unlike those ‘walking deads’ in the TV series.

With all the hullaballoo, it’s definitely hard not to take notice. Quite automatically, for anyone who lives in the mainland U.S.A., a deeper question props up one’s head: Should I follow suit and ditch my iPhone 4 or any older model for that matter?

Well, it’s actually your choice, at the end of the day. Just like those Appleholics who seem to have found eternal bliss enjoying their iPad on a suitable iPad keyboard case, you may find yourself comfortable with what you have. But to put a little clarity into the picture, here are some of the more salient features that you should consider before jumping into the bandwagon.

Do you want a bigger screen?

If your iPhone 4 seem to irritate you because of the limits of its screen, then the new iPhone 5 could be heaven-sent for you. Of course, to each his own as the saying goes. Everybody has a different take as to what screen size is best for one’s need.

For those who want a bigger display for getting access on your latest NBA news or what-not the iPhone 5 boasts of a 4-inch display – larger than any of its older cousins.

Aside from a wider operating space screen-wise, the iPhone 5 has upped the ante when it comes to better resolution. With a 1136 x 640 pixel, it puts the iPhone 3GS and previous devices to shame with their 940 x 640 screen. However, this may not constitute much of a selling point if your current phone is an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 4.

Do you want faster downloads?

With its 4G LTE technology, the new iPhone 5 can definitely wow you. This a great improvement over the 3G capacity carried by previous models. What this simply means is that your data transfers (e.g., downloads) will increase significantly in speed.

However, if you are living somewhere far from a large metropolitan area, LTE access may not be something you can make the most of any time soon. Getting a device that wears 4G capacity on its sleeve is pointless if you can’t get access to LTE.

Do you want a better camera?

Aside from an increase in speed, the iPhone 5 does not offer much of an improvement when compared to the iPhone 4S in terms of resolution; both has 8MP for crisper shots. Of course, older iPhone models will run short in the front-facing camera department as these do not exist in these phones (and FaceTime video-chat becomes useless).

Do you want a better operating system?

Now, a lot has been said about the newly-unveiled iOS 6. However, the new OS is made available also to lower-model phones up to the iPhone 3GS, so this may offer a little of an advantage.

With a subtle distinction though, some iOS 6 features may only be tailored for the new iPhone 5 series. For instance, Siri or the Shared Photo Streams and the voice-guided navigation for Apple’s improved Maps can only be enjoyed via the iPhone 5 series.

Of course, the A6 processor also gives you a faster processing time for the iPhone 5 compared to the lower models. Translation: quicker access to apps.

The Verdict

Other features of the iPhone 5 series may not actually be a standout. Storage capacity still comes in your usual versions: 16GB up to 64 GB.

Now, comes the price issue. Well, you may want to check things out with your carrier. The new phone comes with a price tag (as expected) but for those iPhone 4 users who are finishing their two-year contract with their carrier, getting the latest model may be the best move for now.