Problems Puzzle iCloud and iOS

imagesApple released new iCloud and iOS5 recently. But the bad mail service and installation bug bothered many users. Some users said that they can not access their email account when the iCloud released on Wednesday.

The new mobile iOS 5 also annoy users. Users feedback shows that new iOS5 takes too much time to download and install.

Investors place great hope on the iCloud. They think this new service will replace the former MobileMe service. Most critics think MobileMe is a fail product. It didn’t bring much profit to Apple. The iCloud contains paid services, Mail, Schedule, Sync from MobileMe.

David Farber, professor from Carnegie Mellon University, thinks ” there are big problems in iCloud. The email will disappear occasionally. And it will often alert account name or password error. These problems suggests the software have dangerous bugs.”

On the developer’s meeting hold on June, Apple shows their confidence on iCloud. The iCloud is also the key of iPhone 4S.

Apple cleared on iCloud support page that “some users encountered intermittent problems when using mail services, but we have repaired this bug”.

Many users shows their complain on Twitter. Some people said they ” can not use email service still now.”