AGI geophysical equipment

AGI geophysical equipment

If you work in any geometric field, then it’s important to have a geophysical instrument that provides accurate data processing, measurements and interpretations.Advanced geometric equipment from AGI has always been used by civil engineers and surveyors to understand the most about their surroundings.

These instruments have been used in important mining exploration projects, groundwater investigations and environmental studies. Data collection has become the number one way that researchers can get the most accurate understanding of the Earth around them. With that information, they are able to build and construct as well as use resistivity and induced polarization generations wherever they need to. In addition, civil engineers use geophysical instruments to help with all of their projects as well because they offer the most efficiency.

AGI is a leading provider of geometric instruments including resistivity meters, magnetic resonance, magnetometers and 2D imaging software. Using resistivity method, it’s been incredibly easy to create the PowerSting and SuperSting generators to help with all kinds of geometric research. Understanding geophysical equipment is just part of buying online, but with AGI, you can be confident in your purchase. Their technicians work hard to help customers get everything setup and working properly, helping to analyze the data and show you how to use the interpretations correctly. With that kind of service, AGI has become the leading supplier of resistivity generators and meters.

If you have questions for AGI, you can call any time to talk about the different products and choose the right meter for your project.