How to Enter DFU Mode Without a Home Button

Sometimes, iPhone home button may get malfunction and we need to update the system. How to solve this problem? This tutorial will show you the solution to enter DFU mode with Redsnow on Mac or Windows PC.

1. Download the latest Redsnow tool and save it to “Redsnow” folder on your computer.

2. Download the latest firmware for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

3. Extract the “redsn0w.exe” file from the Redsnow package to Redsnow fold. Then run it.

NOTE: Windows Vista & Windows 7 users need to run the redsnow.exe application as administrator by right click on it.

4. Select “Extras” in the window.

5. Click “Even more”

6. Click “DFU IPSW”

7. Select the downloaded firmware (.ipsw) and open it.

8. Redsnow will create a DFU-mode  file automatically.

9. After .ipsw file is created, select OK. Note:  The new .ipsw file is named by a prefix “ENTER_DFU_”

10. Open iTunes. Note: Make sure you have updated to iTunes 10.7.

11. Select your device in iTunes. Note: You’d better to backup all you data before you continue to next step.

12. Press the “Alt” key ( Mac users press “Option”. ) and click “Restore”.

13. Select the .ipsw file created in step 8-9.

14. Your iOS device will restart. After that, it will enter DFU mode. Then you can jailbreak iPhone 5 or update firmware.

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