Crystal DSLR Camera Canon EOS 7D

If you are a photography lover, you should have many cameras or camera lens. But you should never seen a greate idea like this one: the Crystal DSLR Camera Canon EOS 7D. This camera couldn’t let you take good pictures but it will never let you down.

This is a Canon EOS 7D camera model made by crystal. The model is 2/3 of real life size of the popular Canon 7D camera. It even have a convertible lens.  It is actually a bookend. But the good design makes it also a work of art.

It is now available on Amazon with a price of only $59.95. Are you interested in? Go to buy Crystal DSLR Canon EOS 7D on Amazon. Your friends will envy you to own such an cute camera.  It could also be a great gift idea for your friends.