Android malware Nickispy.C fakes Google+

A new Android malware called Nickispy.C  is exploiting the rise of Google+ to attack Google Android phones. It fakes Google+. When Android users started this app, it will upload your text messages, GPS positioning, call logs.

This malware is clever than earlier spyware like it. In order to protect itself, it will puts the phone on silent.  This malware is now just affect Android 2.2 and lower version. The affected users can up to 74.4%.

The Nickispy.C uses the social network’s icon virtually all of its services and call itself Google++. Many users can not distinguish this as a spyware.

It’s not clear if Nickispy.C has been found in Android Market apps or if it has been limited to third-party app stores. But you Android users should be careful about this new malware.