Best 6 Apps Which Can Replace iCloud

The iCloud service let user easily backup and manage pictures, contacts, schedule or apps. However, we sometimes need more flexible services on some specific items. Here, we recommend you 6 apps to replace iCloud handling your tasks.


Spotify is a free app let you listen music online. It offer you a large number of musics for your choice. You can save these musics to your devices off line and sync with Wi-Fi. Users are easily add music to playing list on Mac. When you open your Spotify on iPhone, it will auto download your music.


When you want to upload photos automatically, Photo Stream should be a good choice. However, the Photo Stream can not do any editor, even delete. The SugarSync have a great camera button let you upload your pictures from your iPhone gallery to their website easily. And you can then edit them on PC or other mobile devices. It’s a great tool to help you transfer pictures from iPhone to PC.


The iCloud let you sync files or data on Apple devices. But the QuickOffice let you create or edit files. And you can save them to Dropbox or It support many devices, include non-iOS devices..

Lookout Mobile Security

Find My iPhone is a powerful tool to help you or your friends to find lost iPhone. There is a similar app “Lookout Mobile Security” on Android. You can use these tools to find iPhone on another iPhone or Android phone.

Google Sync

Google Sync is our best choice of syncing email, contacts and calendar. Though iCloud also provides good services on these tasks, Google Sync is more friendly. For example, you can set to not share your calendar.


Reminders is a powerful tool in iCloud. It’s good for sync reminder. The only shortage is that it is not so good when sync with iCal as it can not manage your mess notes well. Another choice is use Siri to help your update Remember The Milk.