Keep iPad Synchronized with Google Calendar

I know there are many people, like me, use iPad’s daily schedule function to record our tasks. However, we are not able to backup these schedule files to our PCs. This will cause problems when we are going to re-install OS on iPad.
As I often re-install Operation Sytem on my PC, I onced worried about I will encounter problems on iPad. But, I then found a good solution from the Internet. I have to say the search engines is a quite great internet source.

Now I uses Google calendar synchronized with iPad task list. It means, only if Google dead, I will never worry about my schedules. This solution means not just I can upload iPad data to Google server, but also I can download data from Google Clendar. It means I can edit anything from computer and then show it on our iPad.

So, how can I make this?

STEP 1: Click ‘Settings’

STPE 2: Select ‘Mail, Address Book, Calendar’ and then click ‘Add Account’.

STEP 3: Choose ‘Microsoft Exchange’.

STEP 4: Input Gmail account and Password. Click ‘Next’.

STEP 5: Wait till you see a alert. Then click ‘Accept’. If you didn’t see this, click ‘Cancel’and repeat STEP 1~STEP 4.

STEP 6: Input and click ‘Next’

STEP 7: Select whatever you need synchronization. Then click ‘Save’

Now you are able to see all Google Calendar contents on your iPad. You can bring it anywhere as you want.