Capture Notes 2 review: a best iPad note taking app

For those students who own an iPad, the Capture Notes 2 is absolutely a great idea for taking notes as this iPad app support voice recording as well as minutes management function.

The voice recording function allows student to record what their teachers said on the class. They can then find answers from Capture Notes 2 anytime when they need help.  Repeat listening to teachers words will also help student remember knowledge better.

Except the recording function, the Capture Notes 2 is also a good note taking app for iPad. Students can write down all knowledge points on the screen. The Capture Notes 2 allows users taking voice record and writing notes at the same time.

The uses the Paragraph Mode Box ( PEB ) function to make writing more convenient. After PEB started, it will show a writing area on the screen bottom automatically. Students then write down their notes  in this area.  These notes can be inserted into the current paragraph. All these notes can be sync with PC by upload to Dropbox. The Capture Notes 2 even let you share notes to Evernote.

However, a  note taking app never be a good tool if it can not let users manage their notes. It will becomes hard for students to find their notes if they can’t arrange them. In the Capture Notes 2, students can uses different color flag to clarify their notes. The Capture Notes 2 let users list notes with same flags.

Student can import PDF document into the iPad app and then insert notes or tags into the file. But the file size can not exceed 5MB limit.

Does use iPad taking note benefit for studying? Investigation indicate that  those students who use iPad during studying are more likely to get Proficient  or Advanced evaluation. A 20% rate rise is found.

Capture Note 2 is such an iPad tool to help students improve their studying efficiency by combine the voice recording and notes writing.