CloudOn is such an iPad app that let users edit Microsoft Office documents on iPad.  Compared to Onlive Desktop, the CloudOn don’t offer a Windows desktop.  It just provide the function to let users run MS Office software. Since the iOS differ from Windows, it don’t have a file management function.  How to create, edit or save your […]

In many family, the kids use iPad most of the time. On this wonderful tablet, kids can playing games, reading books or surfing the Internet. However, contents on the Internet contains many descriptions or pictures which are not suitable for kids. Some adult contents may cause negative effect. Parents should take the responsibility to teach children distinguish […]

For those students who own an iPad, the Capture Notes 2 is absolutely a great idea for taking notes as this iPad app support voice recording as well as minutes management function. The voice recording function allows student to record what their teachers said on the class. They can then find answers from Capture Notes […]

We have seen many great camera app for iPad. When the new iPad get a more powerful camera, with 5 mega pixels resolution, we may need a brand new camera app to match its hardware performance. This means there will be many new iPad camera apps roll out in the future. I’d like to introduce […]

As the iPad just support single video format-MP4, watch movies on the iPad is sometimes not a easy thing. You can buy movies or TV shows from iTunes. But the idea is costly. However, there are alternatives. You can use mac ipad video converter  tools to convert AVI, DIVX, etc. files for iPad. Here, we are going […]

There are thousand of apps release every day in Appstore. However, some of them just don’t worthy your time to download. We selected 8 best iPhone and iPad apps in this week. Hailo Hailo is a innovative app to help people in London to get taxi. It’s a location based service. It will check taxis around […]

There are thousands of game apps on iPad. But some of them just don’t worthy waste time. IT Geeg selected 4 small games on iPad which are good for relaxation for your decision. Doodle Jump Doodle Jump is a colorful skilled game. Players should keep away from broken or moving  platforms, UFO or bad guys when jumping.  The score […]

Don’t willing to share your private data on iPhone? Then may need an iProtect. The iProtect is a powerful apps for iPhone or iPad to provide high secure with a strong password system. It will help you protect your apps, files or pictures with a password. iProtect let you set password access for iPhone apps, […]

The 2011 film “The Smurf” in 3d makes many smurf fan excited. It also makes related games appeared in the hottest games ranks. Let’s go to see this iPad game “Smurf’s Village”. In the game Smurf’s Village, you need to construct your own farm. You need to open farmland, plant foods, gather in the crops […]