iprotect: Protect Your iPhone Private

Don’t willing to share your private data on iPhone? Then may need an iProtect. The iProtect is a powerful apps for iPhone or iPad to provide high secure with a strong password system. It will help you protect your apps, files or pictures with a password.

iProtect let you set password access for iPhone apps, gallery, SMS or text message. It works on iPhone and iPad.

1. Download and install iProtect.

2. Run the iProtect

3. Input your password. www.itgeeg.com

4. Return to default page. Click “Protect Applications”

5. Select what you want to protect and then save your setting.

6. Now when you are going to run a locked app, it will prompt a window to require you to input password.

7. You can also forbidden some functions as you like.

Download iProtectl here.