Motorola Xoom Sales Volume Less than Hundredth of iPad’s

Motorola XoomThe prosperous of Android Tablet makes many people thinks they are popular. However, the Q3 earnings announced by Motorola Mobility should surprises most investor. In their report, Motorola Mobility just shipped 100,000 Android Tablet Xoom last quarter.

The volume is just the totally devices they shipped not sold. As a comparison, Apple announced it sold 11.1 million iPads during Q3, which is 100 more times of Xoom’s.

But Motorola have take actions to do better. The recently got a price cut to $400. And the have began upgrading Xooms to work with Verizon’s LTE network.

There are also data shows that the sales volume of all Android Tablet can not beat iPad. This is so sad for Android lovers. Will the Ice Cream Sandwich make differences?