How to Make Money with Tablet?

We know there are many restaurant uses Twitter and WiFi to attract consumers. Have you ever know that there are smart cabbies use tablet to boost profit? Let’s see how they make money with 7″ tablet.


Voice input, Google Map is more convenient

The first impression is the voice input when cabby speak loudly to a 7″ Android Tablet. Yes, it is not Siri GPS. While there is a GPS on the taxi, uses Galaxy Tab can find road on the Google Map which makes finding way convenient.

The voice input is accurate as the cabby thinks. It will zoom out the way between two place.

Tablet on taxi

Contact with others via QQ / Skpye

Besides the GPS function, a tablet let cabby talk with his friends any time.  While the Honeycomb is coming, we just think it won’t take more useful functions for a cabby to make money.

iPad is not so  convenient

The cabby thinks iPad is too big.  And it don’t support voice input until the iPhone 4S Siri released. And it don’t support other language except English.