How to install third party apps on NOOK Tablet

NOOK Tablet allow users to access apps on their own app store: B&N. However, there are no many apps in this market and most of them are paid apps. So how to install third party apps, maybe from  Google Android Market, on NOOK Tablet? ITGeeg teach you a solution without need of Root access on NOOK.

Allow unknown sources

Android users should know it the “Unknown sources” setting. Check “Setting->applications->unknown sources” and then you will be allowed to install apk app from SD card.

But this setting in NOOK Tablet have been hidden ( While Amazon Kindle Fire allow users to change this option). You need to do something to make is selectable.

  1. Open
  2. Click Download AppMenu (Looking for TGPS_Launcher? Use this instead.)
  3. Wait until the apk downloading finished
  4. check ” unknown sources”


Transfer APK installation package ( Android app)

Be curious about how to transfer APK file to NOOK Tablet? The easiest way is using e-mail. NOOK Tablet can open the installation package from email and then install it directly.

You can also install the Amazon Kindle Fire App store to NOOK Tablet. Kindle store offers a free copy of paid app each day.

Manage NOOK Tablet apps

It is some complicated to manage files or apps on NOOK Tablet. A good idea is to use ES File Explorer. You can copy apk file into a microSD card and put it into NOOK Table. Then use ES File Explorer to find the APK file.This solution let users custom NOOK Tablet by using Launchers.