NoteBook Case for iPad 2

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Since the iPad released, many people want to use it to replace their notebook. There are about problems  prevent most people do that: OS and hardware. People can force themselves to use the iOS. But the hardware is a big problem.

For this reason, many accessaries’ company developed many gizmos to turns iPad more like a notebook. Now, I’m going to talk about the NoteBook Case for iPad 2.

This ipad case is developed to turns iPad to a Notebook. It is actually a iPad case with a bluetooth keyboard. The producer combine the iPad case with a bluetooth keyboard which makes it a great idea. The keyboard is just like a MacBook keyboard.

The NoteBook Case for iPad 2 have USB and mini USB ports. These two ports is enough for a fake notebook. The case also have a lion cell which can charge your iPad. Though the iPad have a powerful battery, the producer worries about the bluetooth will consume much battery power.

Put you iPad into the NoteBook Case and you will get a 9.7 inch “MacBook Pro”.

The NoteBook Case is selling at a price of ¥5980(JPY). You can get is here.