How to Make Android Phone a WP7 Theme

The fresh design of WP7 makes many users exciting. Some people makes fake WP7 theme for Android. Now let IT Geeg tell you how to make your Android phone like a WP7 cell phone. We call this free Android theme: Android Phone 7

If you want to make your Android cell phone have a Windows Phone 7 appearance, please follow us:

Android Phone 7 Theme

Step1: Prepare materials needed

1. Download Launcher Pro and Desktop Visualizer Desktop

2. Download Android Phone 7 PSD and Icon material ( Download here)

3. Download transparent clock.

Step2: Installation

Install Launcher Pro, Desktop Visualizer and  Transparent clock. Copy Android Phone 7 PSD and Icon material folder to SD card.

Step3: Config LauncherPro and make Android Phone 7 theme frame

Select the LauncherPro  as the current theme. Use a pure color as background. Click “menu” and select “Preferences” to enter the configuration of LauncherPro.

1. Select Dock background -> Custom to enter the picture folder. Find the picture as below.


2. Set LauncherPro interface to 5 row. Find “Advanced Settings” and check “5 Icon rows in homescreen”.

3. Return to desktop and clear all bottom icons in LauncherPro. Press on the Icon until you see “change shortcut”. Select “blank”. Finally, press the original point in the middle and select “change gesture”. Select “Open App Drawer” and you can slide the dot to open app lists.

After these steps, you have finished the bottom interface of Android Phone 7.

Step4: Select Icons for your Apps


Press in a blank until you see “Desktop Visualize”. Select Widget to enter the config interface. Select icon material for each of your apps.

Long Press the new widget and drag the arrow to adjust icon size. Click “back” after adjustment.

Then add effect for each app as Step4 shows.