Nokia Lumia 900 hands on

Lumia 900 is the 3rd Windows Phone smartphone from Nokia. Analysis thinks this product will help Nokia improve their market perform in North America.  The Lumia 900 is said to release only in United States. But I still want to introduce this product to all of you.


The Lumia 900 is a “bigger Lumia 800”. The hands on experience is very like holding a flat plastic. The back case of Lumia 900 is flat.

Nokia Lumia 900 picture

The Lumia 900 uses 4.3 inch display. But it seems narrower than Motorola RAZR, which also uses 4.3 inch display.

lumia 900 hands on

The handset port and SD card slot are place on the top side.

lumia 900 ports

Build in apps

Nokia Windows Phone is similar to other competitor’s. The differences exist on the build in apps and services. For example, the Nokia Lumia 900 added ESON, CNN news, etc. EA committed that the Lumia will get about 20 games ahead of the time other Windows Phone users can get.

The build in IE Mobile is very sensitive to the gravity.  But you can’t set the default display type.

lumia 900 browser

The build in CNN news app:


ESPN exist as a single Hub:


“Multi-task” switch interface: