Android phone with a projector: New Samsung galaxy beam

Samsung, the global market leader in smart phones has come up with yet another feature rich handset that is set to make waves in the mobile market. Showcased as the Galaxy Beam, this power packed mobile set acts as a pocket home cinema along with the usual mobile features.

Google’s Android operating system

Samsung Galaxy Beam runs on Google’s Android operating system compatible hundreds of useful phone apps. It comes in a standard size with a width of 4 inches and thickness of 12.5 mm. It possesses a strong back lighting that enables it to project images upto a distance of 50 inches across.

Any Flat surface can be used as a projector

The Smartphone can project images on any flat surface such as a wall, tabletop, or ceilings. Maps, photos, videos, movies and games can be projected with crystal clear, high definition images, according to Samsung engineers. Simon Stanford, the Samsung UK telecom chief revealed that with the new Galaxy Beam, people could share content with their family and friends by using the smart phone as a pocket projector and spontaneously watch video clippings on holidays or in meetings with a better video sharing experience.

Undisputed leader from the east

Samsung has emerged as the undisputed leader from the East, forging way ahead of other telecom giants such as LG, HTC and Japanese giant Sony. It has even raced ahead of Nokia and is on par or maybe inches ahead of Apple’s smart phones. The Samsung telecom firm shipped as many as 95 million smart phones last year with a 278 % jump in market sales. Its Android plartform has complimented its technologically advanced features making it the ultimate mobile phone for its customers.

It was exposed at the Mobile World Congress

The Samsung galaxy Beam was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. More than 60,000 delegates participated in this trade fair that showcased the latest and the best in portable computing. Delegates were presented with some of the latest in 4G superfast mobile internet. Telefonica of Spain announced that it would come up with a 4G network in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent for this event. Larger base radio stations were provided with smaller cells that were present all round the conference center.

The new Samsung galaxy thus promises to be a great mobile handset and may soon be the first choice of all smart phone lovers who would love to share video experiences with their colleagues and friends while on the move. This amazing set may soon be available throughout the world as early as the end of the year.

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