How to jailbreak iPhone 4S / iPad 2 with Absinthe ( For Windows)

The Chronic Dev Team’s tool: Absinthe is a simple solution for jailbreak iPhone 4S/iPad 2. It’s much easier than redSnow. Now, let’s talk about how to use Absinthe to jailbreak your iPhone 4S/iPad 2 on Windows. ( This tutorial is based on Absinthe 0.4. )

1. Download Absinthe for Windows

2. Extract Absinthe software

3. Connect your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to your PC. Make sure all VPN settings or passwords are deleted.

4. Click Jailbreak button.

5. The jailbreak procedure includes: a). sending initial data. b). restart c). boot  d). preparing jailbreak data e). sending valid data

6. You will be told jailbreak is almost done.

7. Find the Absinthe icon on your iPhone 4s or iPad2. Press it and continue jailbreak. If the service is closed, you will see “Error establishing a database connection” on the screen. Then you can open the dashboard and open VPN setting page. It will prompt a error alert and restart the system in about 1 minute.

After these, you will see a Cydia icon on the screen.