iCA case: turn iPhone into a Leica camera

There are bunch of iPhone accessories for its photograph function. The Gizmon iCA is one of interesting gizmo.

The Gizmon iCA is a very cool iPhone accessory. You iPhone will looks like a Leica camera after used this case. Gizmon iCA Case have a shutter button and an optical viewfinder. The shutter button is linked to iPhone photographing button. And the viewfinder also have its function.

Gizmon iCA Case uses polycarbonate material which makes it tough but light. There are 2 holes on two side let you use a sling. And they provide rich optional components: LENS, tripod or flashlight, etc.

The price of Gizmon iCA Case is also acceptable. There are three colors for selection: black, white and coffee. All of them are selling for $65. The optional headset strap and lens are selling for $45 and $35.