Ultrabook Will Take Over 43% Share During 2015

Tough there are no much attention on Sony Ultrabook, analysis think it will success in the long term.  The IHS iSuppli released a market research shows Ultrabook will become popular if only released next year.

The report uses the release of notebook as an example. The market performance proved the notebook is a great product. Though Ultrabook have no superiority to compete with tablet or low cost notebook, Ultrabook will add many new feature, even touch screen, to compete with them.

Data shows the Ultrabook take no more than 2% market share during 2011. But iSuppli thinks this number should increase to  13% during 2012, 28% during 2013, 38% during 2014 and 43% during 2015.

IHS supervisor Len Jelinek says “PC market will happen a great change as the Ultrabook entered”. He thinks if Ultrabook can have a proper price, it should have a more beautiful market performance. www.itgeeg.com

With the increasing of Ultrabook, the SSD hard disk is becoming popular too.