9 Cydia apps you should never miss

Since the last update of Absinthe, you are allowed to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1. But why should you jailbreak your iOS devices? What apps do you need after jailbroken? There are many great apps on Cydia. Here I’d like to recommend 9 Cydia apps you must download after jailbreak.

Springotomize 2 – $2.99

Springotomize 2 provide rich functions.  It’s absolutely a swiss army knife for tweaking iPhone or iPad. It provide greate features of animations, lockscreen or way icons are displayed.

 iFile – free

iFile is the Finder for iPhone. You can use this app to view different types of file. It let you send files via email. iFile even provide a web browser which let you download or upload files.

BiteSMS – free

BiteSMS is a powerful SMS apps. It provide additional functions related to SMS message. It gives you tons of extra features like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Auto-Retry, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Delivery Reports, Contact Pics, Easy Pick Smileys, Templates, Signatures and much more.

Lockinfo –$7.99

Lockinfo provide rich choices for your iPhone locking screen. It let you you open calendar, send email or check SMS message on locked status.

Barrel – $2.99

Barrel is a great 3D sliding app that allows you to change the way iOS animates transitions between home screen pages.  You will see some Compiz or Quicksilver themes effect on you iPhone.

SBSettings – free

SBSetting provides shortcuts to switch among 3G network, cellular network or WiFi network from the drop-down menu on iPhone.

 Dreamboard – free

Dreamboard allows user customize iOS themes according to their interesting. If you want to make a unique theme, this app will be a good idea for your. You can make your iPhone looks lie Windows Phone7 or turn your iPad to an Android tablet with it.

OS X Ultimatum – free

OS X Ultimatum will turn iOS to an OS X. It’s a good tool for Mac users.

IntelliscreenX – $9.99

IntelliscreenX turns your iPhone or iPad’s “Slide To Unlock” screen into a Mission Control panel, allowing you to see at a glance everything you can possibly imagine without actually unlocking your phone: calendar, email, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, weather and more. You can even do things like read and delete your emails, or send out tweets, from IntelliscreenX, without ever unlocking your device. Highly recommended.

IntelliscreenX turns your iPhone or iPad’s “Slide To Unlock” screen into a Mission Control panel. You can use calendar, email, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, weather and more without unlocking your phone.