Coffee Joulies: Keep Your Coffee Hot For Hours

A warm coffee will give me a good mood even it is not winter. The tasty coffee has become my favorite drink. However, the temperature of the coffee is critical to its taste. I’m often burned my tongue on hot coffee. Now, with the Coffee Joulies, you will get perfect coffee in minutes and  the coffee will stays in the perfect temperature range for hours.

The Coffee Joulies uses phase change material to remain the constant temperature for your coffee. In its stainless steel shell, food-based and completely nontoxic phase chagne material is fulfilled.  The stainless steel is made by the same process which high end silverware uses. You don’t need to worry about the safety issue.

In the hot environment, Coffee Joulies will absorb extra thermal energy that makes coffee too hot. Then, when the coffee get cooled down, the Coffee Joulies will then release thermal energy and remains the perfect temperature. 350 ML coffee just requires one Coffee Joulies.

Some people may worry about the Coffee Joulies will burn your lips. But this is absolutely unnecessary. The Coffee Joulies will remains at about 140°F (60℃).  And the big size makes it is not so easy to touch you lips.Many users call it Magic Bean.

Now you can get Coffee Joulies Set of 5 Coffee Cooling Capsules with price of $49.95 on Amazon. Aother choice is to get an additional Thermos Sipp vacuum travel tumbler for $79.95.