Wegner Solar Charger, A Better Backup Battery

wegner solar charger

Almost every people will take electric devices with them when go to trip. However, with more and more powerful performance, most of our mobile devices can not work much time without charging.

So the backup external battery is been created. But the backup battery is still not a perfect solution if you got a long time without access to power supply. This situation will happens when you go hiking in wilderness. In such a situation, Wegner Solar Charger will help you get continuous power supply for you mobile devices. This may some times save your life when you get into dangerous in wilderness.

wegner solar charger 2

Wegner portable solar charger can be used to charge your cell phones, tablet, GPS devices, MP3 devices, PSP, camera or other mobile devices. It can work in any environment with the sun.

This solar charger is now sell for $270 on amazon.