How Can Walmart Selling HTC Sensation 4G Ealy

In recent smart phone market, HTC is no doubt get high attention on. Except the most recently released smart cell phones, HTC Sensation is coming too. This message like a big bomb attracted many interest from customers.

The new releasing HTC Sensation 4G is scheduled to be saled with T-Mobile contract in the United States from the 15th of June, but now it seems that Walmart has started selling this new Sensation 4G to its customers before the annouced official launch date.

According to TMO News, some Walmart customers have already got the new HTC Sensation 4G, and its seems that Walmart are selling the Sensation 4G for $148.88 plus taxes, and of course a T-Mobile contract.

So what reason makes Walmart can sells HTC Sensation 4G ealy? And how can we get HTC Sensation 4G ealier at Walmart?

There is a former HTC’s announcement that Walmart can receive a three-day exclusivity in advance of the Sensation 4G’s “official launch date” June 15th arrival at T-Mobile.

However, the stock has arrived Walmart’s storage and Walmart’s sale computers are more than willing to process the sales before the annouced launch date. So you have seen some people had got a new HTC Sensation 4G from Walmart.

It’s now 14th of June. You should be able to purchase HTC Sensation 4G from any Walmart shop. Why not contact your Walmart salesclerk?