BatterySense: Extend iPhone Battery Life

We have recommended 4 backup battery case to extend iPhone batter life. While it is a good idea, to low down power consumption should also be a candidate. ITGeeg will suggest you BatterySense to help you manage iPhone apps’ power consumption and extend iPhone battery life.

The Battery Sense is developed by Philips. It’s a simple but powerful app. It can estimate the battery life based on current power consumption to help users uses iOS more reasonable. It can also recommend settings, which can save power, to iOS users.

Main interface:

The main screen will display current battery status. Users can view battery life, when your are running those often used apps, by just click on button.  Those apps include Calling, Web browser, Reading, Video watching and Stand by.

“What if ” recommend

The “What if” is a function in BatterySense. It will estimate the power consumption if you change your setting on iOS devices. Users can set a target power consumption by scratch the “What if” slider. It will then recommend users some ideas about how to achieve the battery target life.

BatterySense is supported on iOS3.2 or upper devices ( include iPhone 4S ). You can now get it free from App Store.