5 Best Gmail App for iPhone

Gmail app for iPhoneGoogle finally released a native iOS app for Gmail 2, Oct. It should have be a great news to iPhone fans who are also using Gmail. However, there is a bug makes Gmail app not so perfect. So IT Geeg checks out the best, most must-have Gmail apps for iPhone user.

Gmail app for iOS

The official iOS Gmail app is still our first recommendation though it have broken push notifications. Aside from the embarrassing initial launch, the official Gmail App for iOS give us an attractive, functional, and complete Gmail experience. We should believe that Google can handle this problem and give a satisfying Gmail app.

Mail App

The Mail App in iOS is another choice for you to open Gmail. And it will integrate archive into your messages. The build-in App is stable and easy to use. You can set up your Gmail as an Exchange account and receive message via iPhone 4’s Mail App.

Google Sync (Push email, calendar, contacts)

While you’re giving up BIS and BES, you don’t have to give up your addiction to super fast push email, calendar, or contacts and since Google has licensed ActiveSync, you can even get it for free! www.itgeeg.com

You can just set it account up as an exchange account on your iPhone and get your push on if you already have a Gmail account.


MobileMe is Apple’s paid push email, calendar, and contacts service that also gives you iDisk cloud storage, photo galleries, and a host of Mac features.  It is also a good idea to get your Gmail on iPhone if you don’t care the access fee.

Gmail web mail

It should not be a Gmail app.  However, if you don’t want to add a gmail app on your iPhone, maybe for your don’t often use gmail, you can just open Gmail in Safari. You can get your latest email list with a optimized list. And this is the easiest way to access gmail on iPhone.