Intel: Release a Dozen Tablet PCs with Intel Core

On last Tuesday,Intel announced in their financial report that they will start tablet PCs and smart mobile phones business in order to  reverse the inferior situation in smart phone market. Last Wednesday, Intel revealed that they will release more than a dozen of tablet PCs, with Intel Core inside, together with PC vendor partners on Taipei’s Computex computertrade show this May 31. In addition, Intel also plans to launch a total of 35 Tablet PCs using Intel Core this year.

On Wednesday, general manager of Intel Asia-Pacific,  Shenoy said in an interview that there are more than 35 Intel-based Tablet PC is scheduled to be launched this year. Shenoy also said, Intel expect the Japanese earthquake happened on March will not affect the second quarter’s PC market and this disaster didn’t affected Intel’s supply chain.

Started on last year, tablet PCs is now no more than twenty kinds. However, Intel announce it will release more than a dozen of new tablet PCs. It’s amazing. But users are prefer applications when it comes to handheld devices. A big amount never stands for popular.