SuperShell: ultra-protective case for iPhone/iPad

The iPhone & iPad has entered many people’s daily life. It allows you handle your works or playing games anywhere. But this pricey device is so weak to survive from drop. With well designed protective  case, you shouldn’t need to worry about its safety.

The M-Edge SuperShell is a very unique iPhone 4/4S/iPad case. It use closed-cell foam which can provide good spring feature. It can absorb shocks from outside  if iPhone 4/4S/iPad is dropped.  By using this SuperShell to you iPhone or iPad, your device will not got damaged whether you drop it on grass or cement ground. The SuperShell provide 4 color solution: Black, Blue, Purple or Pink. There are some dimpled texture on its back for  better grasp.

The M-Edge SuperShell is almost comically large which makes it is not such a beautiful idea. However, it is light and weights under 1 ounce.

There’s button overlays for the lock and volume buttons molded into the skin for ease of access.  It is openings for rear facing camera, speakers, volume and power. Actually, it is opening to all iPhone/iPad ports.

If you got kids in your house and often playing with your iPhone or iPad, the M-edge SuperShell will be a quite good idea to protect you pricey device from broken. And the appearance will also appeal to your children.

The Good: Protective, Light, Comfortable, Fun Design/Colors, Button Overlays, Easy to Apply/Remove
The Bad: Large, Deep Headphone and Charging Port Openings, Accessing Sides of Touch Screen is Trickier

The iPhone SuperShell is now selling for $29.99. For an iPhone user, you can get the M-Edge Supershell Protective Cover Case for iPhone 4 / 4S – Pink (Abacus 24-7 Velcro Cable Tie Included).

The iPad SuperShell is now available for $21.34. You can buy it here.