Leica M-Monochrom: black and white revolution

Have you ever think you will purchase a black and white camera while any electronic device is turning colorful? Leica have made a revolution to the camera industry now. In the recently release Leica cameras, we see a black and white camera which is called M- Monochrom. This new camera also don’t support video recording function.

You may ask question like this: why should I pay for a camera which can only take black and white pictures when my current camera can do the same?

Let’s deep dive into the photographing theory for take colorful pictures with digital camera. The CCD COMS can not distinguish color. In order to get color information, we attach a Color Filter on the CCD CMOS. The light firstly come through the color filter and will be divided into different color. Then, the filtered light come to the CCD CMOS. And the camera will then make a colorful picture. The shortage is that the light will be weakened. And the Color Filter also affect picture quality as the divide and re-combine of the light will lose some details.

Leica is going to move the Color Filter from M-Monochrom. This solution let light go to the CCD CMOS directly. And the CMOS will get more light. This will let it capture high quality pictures in dark environment. And the picture can remain more details.

The M-Monochrom is expensive. It is selling at a price of $7950 which can let you get a Nikon D800.