Best Eco-Friendly Gadgets Of This Year

The future of the technology and electronic industry seems to be moving in a greener direction, as more and more engineers and designers are starting to incorporate energy efficient and eco-friendly gadgets into their line of products. This article mentions a few of the most innovative green gadgets that were introduced on the market this year, after their debut at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

First, there is the Eco ATM Gadget Recycler, which allows you to recycle your broken or outdated electronic devices, but it also pays you for doing it. This special type of ATM is basically an automated system that uses artificial intelligence and to diagnose and evaluate the value of your electronic devices. All you have to do is place your devices into the kiosk and the ATM will analyze it in less than a few seconds, giving you an accurate quote on what the devices are worth. The collected devices are then recycled and used to make new electronic equipment.

Next, there is the Nest Self Programming thermostat, which even though looks like a normal thermostat, does a lot more. To start with, it has the unique feature of tracking and remembering the temperature settings you prefer. More than that, this thermostat uses these settings to create a personalized schedule so that it can later self-adjust the temperature without you doing anything.


Another extraordinary gadget is the SolarKindle, the first solar-powered e-reader. With a small solar panel built in the reader’s cover, the SolarKindle provides you with three months of continuous reading time, assuming normal sunlight conditions. It also comes with a dual-charging reserve battery and a built-in LED light that runs unplugged, up to 50 hours. Therefore, if you are looking for a good e-reader, and you also happen to consider yourself an ecologist, technology has now found a way to connect your hobby to your care for the environment.

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Marcus Vann is a technology avid blogger in South Carolina, interested mostly in finding, acquiring and reviewing the newest gadgets on the marketplace and coolest stuff produced in eco-friendly ways and for eco-friendly purposes. You can find Marcus on Google +.