Amazon Updated Kindle 3 to Support Kindle Cloud

Amazon released update for Kindle 3 to support Kindle Cloud service. Kindle 3 can now save data to and sync with cloud server. Kindle users can enjoy many features which Nook or Sony Reader can not give them.

Since the release of the fourth generation of Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire, Amazon suggested that their will apply the Cloud service to save personal files. They also committed that their would upgrade the Kindle 3, which is now called Kindle Keyboard.

Kindle 3 Support Kindle Cloud

Kindle users are allowed to transfer personal files, include txt files, pictures or PDF files with email. But they are not allowed to save these files. Now they are able to save these personal files like e-books. The Whispersync tech from Amazon can let user sync the last read book page or bookmarks to Cloud server. But Amazon announced that PDF files are not supported by Whispersync.

Use the new tech, users can download personal files on the new Kindle Touch or the Fourth generation Kindle. But Amazon is planning to add sync function to Kindle fire in the next few months.

Kindle 4 is on sale now. Kindle Touch now accept booking. The Touch will arrive on 21, November. Kindle fire is also accepting booking and will arrive on 15, November.