The iPhone 4S Tear Down Review

The iPhone 4S is the last product that Steve Jobs provide to US. Though there are some Apple fans feel depressed as they didn’t see their expected iPhone 5 in this October, there are still some exciting changes of iPhone 4S.


The package is very like iPhone4’s. One change is that the background color changed from black to white. There also printed two “S” on the side.
iPhone 4s Tear down review: unpack


There are no many differences between iPhone 4 and iPhone4s. There is only one SIM card slot which is suitable for both CDMA or GSM network.

Tear down

The iPhone4s uses the same Pentalobe bolt as iPhone 4. When opened the protect shell, you will see a warning label.
iPhone4s tear down


The iPhone4s use a new battery. Whr increased 0.05. But it used a new shape connector which is not compatible by iPhone4. The new battery support 8 hours 3G calling time or 14 hr 2G calling time or 200 hr stand by time. As iPhone4s hardware is more power than iPhone4, the stand by time seems decreased about 100 hr when compared to iPhone4.

iPhone4s battery


The iPhone4s upgrade the camera to 8.0 mega. Apple also improve the photograph software to let it take more pictures in one seconds. The iPhone 4S can support 1080P, 30FPS high quality video.
iPhone4s camera


After tear down the EMI shell, you will see the dual core A5 processor.  The orange frame shows the RTR8605 RF transceiver.
iPhone4s mainboard


In the red frame, you will see a E4E4 label, which shows that there are two 2GB LPDDR2 module. This means the RAM storage should be 512MB.


Qualcomm MDM6610 chip set is the upper edition of MDM6600 on iPhone4.


There is a Toshiba THGVX1G7D2GLA0816 GB MLC NAND flash disk under another EMI protect shell.



The iPhone4s still uses 960*640 revolution Retina screen. But with the stronger support from A5 processor, this screen performs better than iPhone4.

Other components

The 1S electromagnetic shaker is the same as Verizon iPhone4’s. It is more quiet and soft than AT&T iPhone4’s.

The iPhone4S deployed a VGA front side camera.