What Is The magicJack PLUS?

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magicjack-plus-150x180The magicJack PLUS, a new VoIP  gadget, and the update to the magicJack was released just several weeks ago and has been flying off shelves. This phone service provides many of the same features that are offerred by a traditional telephone service provider but at a much lower price.  These features include call forwarding, call waiting, three-way calling, conference calling, and voicemail.  Additionally, consumers using the magicJack PLUS can make unlimited free local and long distance calls anywhere within the United States and Canada.

This device is being sold for an initial cost of $69.95, which includes the magicJack PLUS unit, an ethernet cable, a USB cable, and an AC adapter power supply.  This initial cost covers the first year of telephone service; each additional year is only $29.95.  Although calls in the United States and Canada are free, users of the magicJack PLUS can make calls outside of these countries, for an additional per minute rate that varies from country to country.  www.itgeeg.com

Setting up the device is very simple, and it can be done very quickly from the box to making phone calls.  First, users plug the included ethernet cable into the magicJack PLUS unit, and a high-speed modem or router.  Next, the USB cable is plugged into the magicJack PLUS unit, and into the included power supply.  Next, plug any standard telephone into the magicJack PLUS unit, and consumers can begin making and receiving calls.

VoIP telephone services allow consumsers to make calls through the user’s high-speed internet connection, and this is exactly how the magicJack PLUS works.  The previous edition of the magicJack was plugged into the USB port of the user’s computer, and often, voice quality was less than ideal, and calls were sometimes dropped.  This also meant that in order to make and receive phone calls, the computer had to be turned on.  The magicJack PLUS, however, does not require a computer in order to function.  It can be plugged directly into a modem or router, so users can make and receive phone calls even if their computer is turned off.

Another pair of upgrades to the magicJack PLUS significantly help to improve the call’s voice quality.  Echo Control technology helps to reduce the echoes that were noticeibly present when using the previous magicJack.  Wide Band Voice Technology (HD Voice) was also incorporated into the magicJack PLUS.  This technology substantially increases the clarity of calls, and reduces static.  This newly incorporated technology delivers high quality telephone calls that are on par with the quality of a traditional telephone service provider but at a much lower cost.