Facebook planning the App Center

Since Facebook opened third-party apps, there are many software company living on this platform. Some company even grow into giants. The Zynga is one of the most successful company which comes into the market before Facebook. Many third-party apps or games let Facebook attract more faithful users.

But Facebook users could only get there interested Apps from the “Social Search”.  Facebook will display these app on users News Feed. But this solution product a big problem: users are not willing to search their own Apps or get a mind of the hottest games. This means apps companies can not contact with users efficiently.

Now, Facebook is going to change. Facebook announced a new plan to add a apps market called “App Center”. Similar to Apple Store or Google Play, users can search and find the hottest App. Facebook’s social network element will take it further. System will auto detect and display apps which you may interested in based on your interesting and your friends favorites. This means, any Facebook users will get a unique App recommendation list.

The most important, Facebook App Center will offer app developers a good place to release and show off their products. Now, the situation is that app developers can just get profit from in-app-purchase as Facebook apps are all free. The Facebook App Center may also open a door for paid apps.

Surely, Facebook won’t do this for nonsense. The App Center will attract more developers. And this will benefit in the user amount and users’ usage. This will bring more advertisement profit to Facebook. This will give a strong factor to get more confidence on Fackbook IPO.