Top 3 Apps You Must Have to Work from Home

It is good thing that you can work from home. Thanks to iPad and other mobile devices, you are even allowed to work from anywhere with 3G network. You don’t have to be at your desk or even be at a desk at all. You don’t have to work when the office is open. Whatever jobs your are doing, you will need some great app to help you. Here I’d like to list top 3 apps I uses for managing my work.


Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage service allows people working in the cloud. It’s a folder that sits on your computer, like any other folder, but the difference is its contents are stored remotely and synced across other computers and devices that are are signed into your Dropbox account or sharing folders with you. Thus, you can save all your data on the cloud and then open it in your company.

Dropbox Basic is free and includes 2GB of storage; other account types are available. You can get free extra 23GB Dropbox storage space with HTC Android phones. This makes it the #1 app you need if you are going to work from home.


Evernote helps you “remember everything” by allowing you to capture notes and ideas, photos and screen grabs, sounds and links, sync them automatically to the cloud and access them from practically anywhere. Evernote is available through your web browser, Windows and Mac desktop apps and mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry and Web OS. Evernote is free; Evernote Premium is $5 per month or $45 per year


ToodleDo allows users to manage their to-do lists, projects, schedules and notes. It can sync with the desktop version of  Things via a WiFi connection. It’s not the best-looking todo app, but it works really well. According to Apple, this app ranks in the top 30 applications for the iPad.  Toodledo is free; Toodledo Pro is $14.95 per year; Toodledo Pro Plus is $29.95 per year.