As today’s world moves more and more into digital platforms, the need for the right digital protection increases along with it. For businesses, this means a need for effective results and protection now. Why wait for threats to arrive when you can take time to prepare ahead? From a more fiscal perspective, to not do […]

We always see many people take photos to capture lecture keynote. However, the most important content from a presentation are always the description from presenter. Most PPT only contains the keywords but explanation for this keywords are always hold by presenters. Thus, we, most time, don’t willing to open PPT from a meeting as we can […]

All around the world companies are integrating mobile computing and devices into their current business strategy. With remote workers and constant travel, these companies are utilizing technology to stay connected. In the past this decision was expensive, extensive and for most businesses, out of reach. Now with cloud services, computing and cloud-based apps, adding mobile […]

It is good thing that you can work from home. Thanks to iPad and other mobile devices, you are even allowed to work from anywhere with 3G network. You don’t have to be at your desk or even be at a desk at all. You don’t have to work when the office is open. Whatever jobs […]