Feel boring with PPT? Add Audio/Video to your slides with 9Slides

9slidesWe always see many people take photos to capture lecture keynote. However, the most important content from a presentation are always the description from presenter. Most PPT only contains the keywords but explanation for this keywords are always hold by presenters.

Thus, we, most time, don’t willing to open PPT from a meeting as we can not get details from the slides which only have keywords. By conclude the result from details, the PPT can’t give users the details how things going. The 9Slides is designed to solve this problem.

9SLIDES is cloud based presentation platform, which allows users to Create, Deliver & Measure presentations. It is a simple tool to use to turn boring static presentations into interactive guided lessons/presentations.  It allows people to add Audio/Video to your slides and sync to cloud. It is designed for making your presentation more attractive.


9Slides is very easy. Users can upload their presentation to cloud. The presentation include PPT, Keynote, PDF or Excel. Then user can upload audio or video. Then set synchronization time for all documents and the 9Slides will help you to build a multi-media presentation. When making presentation, it will show 2 windows on the screen. One screen will show the text document and the other one will show the video. This make your presentation more interesting.  For details, you can find General Training.


Though it seems simple, the 9Slides get many other advantages. It simplified users setting. Users can joint content by drag or drop. Also, there is a free iPad app & Windows 8 app for mobile learning that uses a simple drag-n-drop interface. Finally, a 9Slide presentation can be embedded into a site/blog that is very beneficial when dealing with education.

9Slides or provide other value added services. After created personal presentation, users can set password for their fruit, share it to people with simple URL. For those who want to track on the presentation, 9Slides also provide data to let user know average watching time. This feature allows the holder to improve their presentation by user “feedback”. Surely, these additional features need users purchase.

Whether you’re a experienced engineer to have a organizational training, a teacher in the classroom , or an in-house trainer who needs to visit different retail stores to training seasonal employees, your tablet device – with 9Slides on it – allows you to create and deliver personalized presentations to wow audiences, and at the same time lighten your load.