iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy SIII

The year 2012 has been flooding the market with smartphones and the most awaited one was iPhone 5, though the Samsung Galaxy S III doesn’t come much behind. Let’s have a look at the most exciting handsets of the year and see how they compare when it comes to apply for one of these contract phones.

The iPhone 5

A taller, leaner and lighter phone priced exactly the same as its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 has received mixed reactions from the tech-media. The phone runs on a quad-core A-6 processor which makes it twice as fast as the 4S. The LTE 4G has made data transmission incredibly fast. The handset has a resolution of 1136×640 and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The phone has an 8 MP camera and a front camera for FaceTime which will support HD videos at 720p

There is no reason not to own an iPhone if you can. At a £61.0 monthly rental, Orange offers you a 18 month deal and gives you 3000 minutes, 500 texts and 2 GB of data allowance. T-Mobile UK offers a 24 month contract with unlimited minutes, texts and data usage at monthly price tags of £36, £41, £46 or £61. Three offers you the one plan with all you can eat data, 2000 minutes and 5000 texts and other plans suited to various customers. O2 offers a two year deal with unlimited minutes, texts and data for different plans of £26, £31, £36, £41, £46.

One of the down sides to apply for an IPhone contract is if you don’t have the best credit history it can be very hard to get on a mobile contract in the UK due to the level of credit checks you have to go through. Many people have been rejected because of these credit checks which lead them to search for alternative ways to get an IPhone contract. Alternatively these people may also consider the Samsung Galaxy SIII as a very close alternative.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S III comes with a 4.8 inch screen with 1280×720 pixel resolution. The phone runs Android 4.0, though an update for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) is already in the works. The Galaxy S III is the best-selling Android device currently, and sales have surpassed ten million units in the few weeks subsequent to its release. With a quad core processor coupled with 2 GB of RAM, this device is the absolute best when it comes to hardware specifications and performance.

There are a variety of deals available for this handset in the UK. Orange offers a two year contract at a monthly pay of £22.67 which gives you 500 minutes and unlimited texts. T-Mobile on the other hand offers 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 250 MB of data allowance at £22.75 of regular rental.

The Samsung SIII may not have the reputation of Apple but when it comes to being accepted on a mobile contract with this phone, the SIII is leading the way. The Samsung is a great phone to apply for no matter your credit history. This is because the credit check for this phone is a lot easier to pass then for the new IPhone 5 handset. So if you are looking for a top quality Smartphone and don’t have the best of credit then the SIII is for you.