Top Applications of Galaxy S3 of 2013

Galaxy S3 hit the market last year and has shown a tremendous sales record. It is easy to use and you can find some amazing applications from the Android store. The processer used in this Smartphone gives very high performance and it supports high graphics games and applications. Here are some top applications of 2013 that will surely amaze you:

Groupon-Daily Deals and Coupons


If you are a food lover and fond of trying every new restaurant in the street, you must download Groupon. This free application allows you to locate different hotels and restaurants that provide deals with the discount ranging from 50-90%. There are nearly 500 cities, which are being covered by this application presently. You can even buy these deals online and hence enjoy the meals at a discounted rate once you visit the restaurant. This application has quite positive reviews and you will find it useful once you use it.

Paper Camera

2 If you are fond of taking pictures from your Galaxy S3, this application will prove to be quite useful yet entertaining for you. You will rarely find such application through which you can give effects and style like Paper Camera. The sharing on social media networks is very easy and it is integrated with those networks. The price of Paper Camera is only $1.71.



Foursquare is one of the most useful applications for the fun loving people. If you are looking for the best place food place or some historical tomb, you can find it on Foursquare. Presently there are 30million users of this application and you can get advantage of their knowledge. You can even know that which friend of yours has checked in at which place. Tips can also found from locals, brands, and even celebrities about certain places. This application is for free.


4If you have high gaming instincts and want to enjoy high graphic games, download OnLive. Through OnLive, you do not need to download high graphics game on your Galaxy S3. All you need to do is to stream the video and game through this application. Few high-ended Smartphones like Galaxy S3 support it. You can start playing high graphics game after simple sign in into your account. Your game data is stored on the cloud so that you can continue your game from where you left it previously. Presently, it is available in UK and US, however, the application developers are planning to expand it soon to Europe and Asian countries.