Become Certified as a Social Media Security Professional

imgsinpro1The rise of social media has been profound. It’s inclusion in industries and fields around the world has led to a major shift in education, communication and the overall way we think and create. Social media in IT is no different. Numerous jobs – including network and security technicians, engineers, architects and administrators – are incorporating social media into the way they implement and manage their company’s security infrastructures. With CompTIA’s professional certification in Social Media Security, you can now take part in one of the newest and most innovative fields ever to hit the IT profession.

Because this unique CompTIA certification is relatively new, anyone can earn it. Students and long-time professionals can easily acquire the knowledge of social networking platforms needed to diminish security risks and keep confidential information out of the hands of hackers and intruders. In most companies there is an increasing necessity for IT professionals who can eliminate social media risks and security threats. It is becoming such an important issue that the U.S. Department of Defense has specifically requested it – and now CompTIA is providing it to any individual interested.

Learn how to use social media in various aspects of security, including implementation, administration, management and support. The CompTIA 65-question certification exam is delivered through the Ultimate Knowledge Institute (UKI). In addition to registering for the exam, candidates can also participate in their two day training course and other training options. Visit the UKI website to learn more about becoming certified and preparing for this cutting edge field.