Leak HTC Desire HD Sense 3.5 UI

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HTC Android phone is very popular. The one major reason is for its beautiful Sense UI. HTC is continuing on improving Sense since the first version release. Now we are happy to see the leak HTC Desire HD Sense 3.5 UI.

XDA forum have published Sense 3.5 captures on Desire HD. We can learn from the leak pictures that Sense 3.5 developed a lot on Stand By interface. Users are get more buttons on horizontal screen state. Clock interface is also been edited a little.

But there are also some bugs. One of XDA user said that the Bluetooth function is unavailable. So be cautious when you are going to update to Sense 3.5. www.itgeeg.com

HTC Sense will be used on most recent HTC smart phones. But HTC have no releasing plan on their schedule in the most recent. IT Geeg suggest you wait to update your android phones until the HTC release the new Sense 3.5 devices.